It is 2019, and as the New Year is rolling ahead, it is time to introduce your business to the new and updated SEO trends. If the year is new, the SEO practices ought to be new too! The internet is a platform that is ever-evolving, and one must keep up with the changing requirements to make their business shine among the rest.
Here are the top five search engine optimization techniques of 2019 that promise to make you game changers in the coming time.

Understanding Mobile-First Indexing

In this era, the use of smartphones has outgrown exponentially. This is why; there is a need to utilize the mobile version of a webpage for indexing and ranking. It was back in 2018 that Google started shifting the website to the mobile-first index. Now you realize why making your website mobile friendly has become an unbeatable trend.

Remember, that it does not mean that the desktop version would not be a parameter for SEO rankings. Instead, it means that mobile-first indexing would be given a priority.

Where Speed Really Matters

Gone are the times, when the keyword density used to define the ranks alone. You must be already aware of the fact, but the page loading speed really matters when it comes to the SEO rankings. Yet again, you need to realize that the page loading of mobile-friendly pages also matters a ton. But, the question is, how the speed score is generated? There is a report called, “Chrome User Experience Report,” that records the performance of the website. Always try and fix the website issues so that it loads in seconds.

It is known that it is the mobile page speed optimization and the ranking on the SERPs is a strong measuring parameter of the speed of a business webpage.

When Voice Search Became A Thing

Nowadays, “Hello Google,” has been making news more than ever. This is the newest trend that has been increasing in usage across the globe. This new way to search on the internet is making way for a new SEO trend in the market. The best idea is to integrate question-based content on your website because most of the voice searches are questions. Don’t know how to go about it? Refer to search engine optimization services in the USA for expert help.

A tip here; try and implement local search engine optimization techniques. As a matter of fact, most of the times voice searches happen to be location-oriented.

An Era Of Video Optimization

Video content is speculated to exceed in usage and overrule the internet in the coming time. This is enough information to help you understand that it is time to change the marketing technique altogether. It is high time that you shift your business strategy over to video SEO, by following the best practices and infusing creative content with the keyword infused descriptions.

The stats say that the time one spends on the internet has increased from 60 minutes to 110 minutes and even more in a day. And, when it comes to video content, the time goes up to 145 minutes/day.

Wrapping Up

These are the top four search engine optimization techniques that will make a difference in 2019. The idea is to rise above the rest and reach the echelon of Google search results. Also, never hesitate to seek expert help as implementing SEO can be tricky at times.

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