Latest Framework Trends That Are Taking PHP Web Development by Storm

One of the simplest to understand and use; PHP has made a permanent mark in the programming world. Be it a small business or a big one; PHP is a universal language making interactive web platforms. Alpha One offers you the best help when it comes to building an interesting and interactive PHP web development platform.

PHP Web Development-Latest Trends of 2018

PHP frameworks come as a helpful tool that helps build applications around a basic structure along with infusing the best standards around the technology. Let’s explore more on PHP frameworks that have been a popular choice of web developers and businesses alike.

1. Laravel

This is one framework that has topped the charts of popularity and has been turning businesses into money machines. Whether it is its outstanding documentation, innovative features, or its ever-growing popularity; Laravel is one step ahead of all. How can we say that Laravel is trending? It’s the Google Trends that has been doing all the talking.

One of the best features that make Laravel distinctive of all is its capability of managing NoSQL structures such as MongoDB. The easy documentation is another feature that makes it a popular choice among the developers.

2. Symfony

When it comes to stability, Symfony is the first name that comes into the mind. Other unique attributes offered by this flexible language include its high performance, excellent documentation, and its over-the-top framework.

The major feature of this language that sets it apart from others is its inclusion of MVC to the best of capacity. Symfony emerges as a winner when it comes to creating interactive REST APIs, web applications, and fully functional websites. With Alpha One you can hire PHP programmer that will do the needful when choosing the best framework and best development is in question.


When features such as security, privacy, flexibility, and performance are in mind; choosing ZEND is a preferable choice. It follows a go-to professional framework that is apt for development of enterprise level applications.

However, one thing to keep in mind is its inability to build rapid applications due to its emphasis on enterprise level applications. The framework deploys different features and components such as the feeds, forms, and interactive services.

4. Yii

Yii enjoys the status of the best framework in all available PHP frameworks. The best feature of Yii includes its ability to develop any type of web app, no matter what the requirement. Quick development and flexible framework are two attributes that set Yii apart.

Yii is secure to use along with its capability to offer the testing facility. This easy to install and easy to use framework has presented a new version called Yii 2.0 beta that has fixed all the previous bugs, offering a better framework with extensively useful features.

Wrapping Up

Looking at the latest framework trends of PHP, one has ample of frameworks to choose from. Feel that you can make a difference too? Then look for the best PHP development company that can suit your needs and requirements well.

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