Four Top Search Engine Optimization Techniques Of 2018

Search engine optimization has been changing the way how people put up their business on the web. Who does not want to rank the highest on the Google search engine page? While the competition to get to the top is on the rise, one should understand that there is a lot to give into the process. The first step to reach the desired results is to understand search engine optimization techniques thoroughly.

In this era of digitalization, standing a chance to rank on the top has become a challenging process. But, with the help of latest SEO techniques, your business can certainly make a difference.

Here are some unprecedented SEO techniques to get started.

1. On-Point Keyword Research

Keywords form a basis an effective SEO practice! The key is to conduct thorough keyword research at the very start of the project. When you make your content injected with the right density keywords, it is likely to be found easily.

But, just picking out relevant words to represent the keywords would be a wrong approach. The keywords need to be based on search frequencies, and you may use various online tools to get about the process.

Note: Try and use long tail keywords in your content. These keywords are specific to your product/service and promise high conversion rate.

2. Create A Super-Fast Website

A website that loads as fast as lightning is a boon to have! No one has the patience to wait for a slow website to load, and this one factor affects the SEO in one way or the other. As per Google, the website speed is also a deciding factor on the SEO rankings.

As a website owner, you own the responsibility to optimize the media size and eliminate pointless data, and loose links from your website. The best thing would be to contact providers for SEO marketing in USA, to make sure your work gets simplified.

Note: You can make use of available online tools like Pingdom to check your website loading speed.

3. The Power Of Mobile Friendliness

Since the modernization of smart phones, the scenario has completely changed. Everyone prefers browsing a website through their mobile phones rather than the computer. According to Google’s algorithm, a website that is perfectly mobile-optimized would rank better.

A website should be mobile–friendly, interactive, and no one can stop it from being ranked amongst the best on the Google search engine results. You could outsource the task of building a mobile-optimized web page, as precision and accuracy in this task matters.

Note: You could use a mobile-friendly test tool by Google to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

4. The Art Of Updating And Republishing

Your blogs may be relevant in a particular moment in time, but that may not be the case in the near future! Facts change, and that is why you need to update your content and blogs from time to time. When you do this, it is likely that your content would make it to the top search results.

The organic traffic directly increases when you update an older content in less than even 30 days. And, when traffic increases, it directly implies that your SEO strategy has been successful.

Note: It is always better and faster to update content than building it from scratch.


These were four search engine optimization techniques that could make the king of Google search results. Remember, the best SEO practice is not to trick Google, but to partner with Google best practices to rank among the best.

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