One of the worst ways of bringing a website down in both online ranking and reputation includes using what is known as the Black Hat SEO techniques. These practices comprise of using specific tactics to gain a higher online ranking unethically. However, before anyone decides to use these search engine optimization techniques for their website, they need to understand that Google disapproves of these techniques. It would not take a minute before penalizing the site, and most probably block it.

What SEO Techniques Do I Need to Avoid for Higher Online Ranking?

You need to understand that Black Hat SEO techniques are still deployed by not only those who want instant results but by also those who do not have access to a proper SEO expert. If a company decides to go for Black Hat SEO, then they are setting their website up for being blocked permanently. Given below are the top 5 SEO techniques, which you need to avoid at all costs.


In case, a company decides to use cloaking; then they would show different content to the Google crawlers than the one shown to the users. One way of doing this includes using a variety of keywords, titles, and descriptions different from the content on the website. The search engine optimization in USA recommends not using this technique, as it would attract a ban by Google.

Buying and Exchanging Links

When you decide to buy links from another site, then you are setting up the links to manipulate the website ranking in the search engine results page. We recommend that you do not go for link exchange programs, as Google completely forbids this.

Keyword Stuffing

The practice of keyword stuffing includes filling the webpage with keywords, numbers to deceive the search engine into believing the page is authentic and relevant. On the contrary, these keywords are entirely irrelevant to the actual website, and at times are hidden. It is the worst search engine optimization techniques and would result in the website receiving poor ratings from the visitor, which would affect its ranking.

Doorway Pages

The technique of doorway pages requires a website owner to spam the index of the search engines to catch the online users visiting a page without any value. The page then redirects the user to a different page. The doorway pages are created keeping in mind being visible to specified search engines and their crawlers. It is a technique for deceiving the search engine into giving the website a higher ranking as compared to its competitor.

Link Farms

Link Farms refers to a group of websites, which utilize hyperlinks to connect. The only purpose behind the connection being increasing their online rankings. However, these links do not provide the necessary online traffic to a website, but only trick the search engine into ensuring that it is linked to other sites.

Nevertheless, this method depends on the number and quality of the links available, which enable the search engine to rank the said website higher in search engine results. However, the experts at the search engine optimization services in USA do not approve of such methods, as these offers short-term effects.

Content Spinning

The worst way to get the website to the top of Google search rankings is content spinning. The website owners post different content on the website by merely rewriting the present material, and replacing some parts with different material. There is no doubt that content spinning reduces the quality of the original content.


Thus, when you hire a reputed search engine optimization services in USA, then rest assured that they would utilize only the legal and ethical way of getting your website to the top. It might take some time, but in the end, the results would be worth the wait.

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